C13 Locking Connector


Release locking mechanism
Prevents accidental disconnection
C13 lockable connector

Technical Information


Cable Assemblies

• IEC LOCK (C13) to UK Plug
• IEC LOCK (C13) to European Schuko Plug
• IEC LOCK (C13) to (C14) IEC Plug
• IEC LOCK (C13) to NEMA 5-15P (USA)
• IEC LOCK (C13) to Australian 3 Pin Plug
• IEC LOCK (C13) to Swiss and Italian Plug
• IEC LOCK (C13) to Japanese Plug
• IEC LOCK (C13) to Brazilian Plug
• IEC LOCK (C13) to Stripped End

Test Information

Test Body: KEMA, UL, SAA, KC
Test Standard: IEC/EN 60320-1

Cable Size

3 x 0.75mm2 H05 V V-F
3 x 1.00mm2 H05 V V-F
3 x 14 awg SVT / SJT
3 x 1.25 HVCTF / VCTF
Black, Orange, Blue, Red & White

Cable Lengths

300mm up to any length. Various cables lengths and assemblies are retained as stock items with further combinations being available for special order. Call our Sales Office for more information.

Patent Information

Patents: U.K. Patent
No. GB2383202B
International Patent application No.

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